3123793381_4ed73a0e1c_o“We All Ride The Same Road”

The road began in Harlem, NYC for “The Cheetah”, Nelson Beasley Vails. Harlem may seem an unlikely beginning for a cycling legend, but it was there that Nelson started on the path to become the first African-American to win an Olympic medal in cycling. His silver medal from the 1984 Los Angeles Games is the crowning jewel to a prolific and successful career on both the track and road. Cycling has taken him down many roads around the world, and Nelson’s contribution to cycling’s history was recognized with his induction into the US Bicycling Hall of Fame in 2009.


What we Do

The main focus and purpose of the NelsonVails.Com website is to be a “Hub” or “Social Media Information Center/ Meeting Place” for cycling health & fitness enthusiasts from around the world to repeatedly return to for updated cycling even news, local race and ride results. The latest information about our vendors and their featured products on our website. That journey has continued, leading Nelson to San Diego and the launching of NelsonVails.com, a platform to promote a healthy and fun cycling lifestyle. His website offers his NV signature cycling gear and other quality merchandise, in addition to promoting his “Go Ride with Nelly” events where we can all ride the same road.


(Also, it is important to note, that if you meet Nelson an added bonus is that you move to within one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon)

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